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Short Film · 2019

Clara, a successful young businesswoman, does a pregnancy test after a passionate weekend with a working collegue. The positive result confuses her a lot. At first overwhelmed by her extreme and contradictory feelings, she finds a deep assent with herself as the day progresses.

Triggered by her unusual state of mind, for Clara inner and outer world fall in one. The short seeks on all cinematic layers to follow this complex process.



Clara: Antonia Bill | Jonathan: Alexander Ziegenbein | Directors: Konstantin Rall, Zeehyun Soh | Camera: Claire Jahn | Steadicam Operator: Alexander Pauckner | Lighting: Anthony Tenambergen.

Genre: Drama | Country of Production: Germany | Year of Production: 2018 | Running Time: 15 Minutes | Shooting Format:
6K anamorphic | Aspect Ratio: 2.4:1 | Sound: 5.1 | Language: German, Choice of English, French or Korean Subtitles.

FBW (German Film and Media Review): Seal of Approval: 'Highly Recommended'.

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